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1. How do you play Roulette?

Playing Roulette is hardly difficult. Simply set how many processors you need to bet that best suits your tastes.

The Roulette will begin rotating once wagers are put. The winning number will be marked on the table when the Roulette stops and the winning wagers will be given.

2. What are the parts of the Roulette?
The Roulette includes pockets including 1 to 36 and these are constantly either white or rear. The Roulette additionally includes the number 0 and, in the instance of American Roulette, there exists a double 0, which are green.
3. What are the parts of the game table?

TYou can find amounts that range from the 00, 1 to 36, plus 0 and, in the instance of the American Roulette. Amounts from 1 to 36 are black and reddish and 0 / 00 are green.

You may make among the following bets:

  • Straight or Single: One number bet. It really is a stake to some of the 36 amounts.
  • Split: A bet on two numbers. The stake covers two adjoining numbers, either vertically or horizontally. The chip is set on the line between these numbers.
  • Street: A bet on three numbers on a horizontal line. The chip is set at the center of the longitudinal line separating the rows of the spaces on the side.
  • Corner: a bet on four numbers in a square layout. The chip is set at the intersection of the lined between the four amounts.
  • Six Line or Double Street: A bet on six numbers corresponding to two adjoining lines of amounts that are flat.
  • Column: A bet on twelve numbers within a column.
  • Dozen: A bet on twelve numbers within a column.
  • Double Column: A bet on twenty-four numbers.
  • Double Dozen: A bet on twenty-four numbers corresponding to two of the three dozens on the table.
4. What are inside bets?
These are bets made at the center of the table.
5. What are outside bets?
These are bets made by players on the outside of the table.
6. How does the payout work?

Prizes are divided among the winners in relation to the likelihood that their bets will end up being the winning bets.

If you bet on a single number, payout is 35 times your bet.

7. How much can I make in each bet?
According to your bet, prizes are as follows:

Straight bet: 35:1
Split bet: 17:1
Street bet: 11:1
Corner bet: 8:1
Column bet: 2:1
Dozen bet: 2:1
8. What are neighbors?
These are bets that consist of a straight bet and a bet on two numbers next to the straight bet and two at the bottom of the roulette.
9. What is the minimum amount allowed to participate?
The minimum amount allowed to play roulette is 1$/€.
10. What is the maximum amount allowed to participate?
The maximum amount allowed is 50€.
11. What differences are the between the American, European and French roulettes?
The difference between these rouletted is that the American roulette has a 0 and a double 0, and the French and European roulettes only have the single zero.
1. How do you play Blackjack?

In this mode, players bet against the dealer and win the hand that is closest to the value of 21 points.

Initially we are dealt two cards and depending on the score of these two we decide what the most appropriate action is.

If you receive an Ace and a card with a value of 10 you get Blackjack and win 3:2 on your bet.

When your hand and the croupier’s tie, you are refunded the original bet.

2. What is the value of Blackjack cards?
Jack (J), Queen (Q) and King (K) are valued at 10 each.

Ace: 1 point or 11 points
King: 10 points
Queen: 10 points
Jack: 10 points
Ten: 10 points
Nine: 9 points
Eight: 8 points
Seven: 7 points
Five: 5 points
Six: 6 points
Four: 4 points
Three: 3 points
Two: 2 points
3. When can I split the cards?

If a you have a pair of identical cards, you may choose to form two independent sets if when asking for more cards you get another equal pair, you can continue opening the game. To open the game, you need to bet on the game again the same amount you bet on the first game.

Should letters be "black", cards 10, J, Q, K and Ace all have a value of 10 and can be considered equal pairs to open or split. Each game is independent.

4. When can I double my bet?
Depending on the Blackjack game you play, you will be able to double your bets under different conditions. In general, you are allowed to double your bet if you get 9, 10 or 11 by betting the same amount you had bet and, if you eon, you could double your profit.
5. What is Insurance?

If the dealer’s upcard is an ace, you can take insurance.

If you have taken insurance and the dealer has Blackjack, your insurance bet will pay 2:1 on what you bet for the Insurance.

If the dealer did not have Blackjack, you would lose your Insurance.

6. How many decks are used?
Depending on the Blackjack game, 1 to 8 decks may be used.
7. When are the cards shuffled?
Cards are automatically shuffled before each Blackjack round.
8. What if I tie in a Blackjack hand?
When this happens, a tie or push occurs and you recover your bet.
9. How much do I get if I beat the Dealer?
If you make a 10-dollar bet and win, you will receive 10 dollars plus your original bet, so the payout is 2:1.
10. When will the dealer stand?
The dealer will stand when he reaches value 17.
11. How much do I get for a Blackjack?
Natural Blackjacks are paid 3 to 2. That would be one and a half times the value of the bet.

1. I have made a 20-dollar bet. You are dealt one Jack of Spades and an Ace of Diamonds and you have blackjack. The dealer is dealt a ten of clubs as his first card and a six of hearts as his second card.

Winning blackjack. You win 30 dollars plus the original amount you bet.

Blackjack payouts are 3:2. The total amount won is 30 dollars + 20 dollars = 50 dollars.

1. How do you play Video Poker?
Video Poker is played against the dealer. The goal is to obtain a poker hand of five cards containing at least two pair, or better, a Natural Royal Flush. For more information, see "AWARDS" below.You make a bet and the machine gives you five cards. You then choose the cards to hold and discard the others. The cards you discard are replaced, leaving the final hand. Earnings will depend on the ranking of your hand.In the game of Video Poker you can bet from one to five chips. Once your game is over you can recover your chips and exchange them for cash. There are two types of Video poker games:
No Wild Card:
In Video Poker games where no wild cards are used, a deck of 25 cards is used and no card acts as a wild card. Each card has the exact value shown on the card.
W/ Wild Card:
There are two types of Video Poker games with Wild Card:
Game with a deck of 52 cards where a certain value of a card acts as a wild card. The most famous game of this kind is “Deuces Wild” (deuces are wild cards), where deuces act as wild cards in this video poker game.
Games with a deck of 52 cards with 1 wild card or 2 wild cards. Video Poker games that use wild cards are called “Joker Poker” when 52 cards + 1 wild card are used, and “Double Joker Poker” when 52 cards + 2 wild cards are used in the game.


  • All suits (hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds) have equal value.
  • It is played with a single deck of 52 cards and two wild cards.
  • The wild card substitutes any other card to obtain the biggest amount possible.
  • The cards are shuffled at the start of each game.
  • The minimum bet is $0.1 USD and the maximum is $500 USD.
2. What is the value of cards in Video Poker?
It is played with 54 cards from the English deck. From lowest to highest, card values are as follows, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K and A, and there are four suits: clubs, hearts, spades, and diamonds, none of which has a higher value than the other.
In Video Poker, each game is always made up of five cards. Next, we show you the ranking of hands from highest to lowest. The hands of a higher rank beat those of a lower rank.

Natural Royal Flush (Without wild cards)

This is the best poker hand. It includes cards 10, J, Q, K and A of the same suit. Every player is entitled to one of these at least once in a lifetime.

5 cards of the same suit using a wild card.

Four cards of the same suit, plus a wild card.

A Royal Flush using a wild card.

Five cards in a consecutive order and of the same suit. The higher the value of the highest card on the Flush, the better the ranking of the hand. In this particular example, the higher card is 10; this would beat a flush with a 9 as the highest card.


Five cards in a consecutive order and of the same suit. The higher the value of the highest card on the Flush, the better the ranking of the hand. In this particular example, the higher card is 10; this would beat a flush with a 9 as the highest card.

4 cards of the same suit (Poker)

Four cards of a kind. The higher the value of these four cards, the higher the ranking of the hand. In case of a tie, it is possible for poker variants that use community cards, to let the one with the higher fifth card win.

Full House

Any three cards of the same denomination plus any pair.This hand includes 3 cards of the same suit and 2 of a different. In a case of two fulls, the one with the higher value on the three cards wins. In such case, a full house with 7-7-7-2-2 beat a full house with 5-5-5-A-A. If the three cards were of the same value in two hands, the hand with the higher pair wins. In such case, 7-7-7-A-A beats 7-7-7-K-K.


Any five non-consecutive cards of the same suit. In the event of a tie, the one with the highest card wins.


Any five cards in a consecutive order. With two straights, the highest wins. On the other hand, the Ace can be used to make the straight A-K-Q-J-10, which would be a Royal Flush, as well as straight 5-4-3-2-A.

Three of a Kind

Three cards of the same denomination. In the event of a tie, the one with the highest cards wins. If both Three of a King have the same value, the highest remaining two cards of the hand will break the tie and if the latter were the same, the fifth cards of each hand would be compared.


Any two cards of the same denomination, plus any other two cards of the same denomination but of a different value to the former pair. Whenever there is a two pair in two hands, the hand with the highest pair wins. As usual, in the event of a tie the higher card breaks it.

Two Pair

Any two cards of the same denomination. The higher the value of the pair, the higher your ranking. In the event of a tie the higher card breaks it.

Jacks or Better

Two cards of the same denomination, plus any other three cards of any suit.

3. What is a wild card?
In the story, the extra card or wildcard goes by the name "Jolly Joker". It is believed that the extra card "Joker" was invented by the American player Euchare who, as rules changed at some point during the 1860s, decided that an additional card was necessary. It was originally called "The Best Bower" and then "The Jolly Joker" (the merry prankster). These wildcards or additional cards were introduced for the first time in American decks around the 1863, but were more accepted when English decks started to be manufactured around 1880. The British manufacturer Chas Goodall began distributing cards with wildcards for the U.S. market in the 60s.
4. What is a Double up?
It represents the possibility of a second bet during a play.
5. What does Draw refer to?
It means Donne. This refers to the action that takes place once the cards have been chosen or, conversely, rejected.
6. What is a Kicker?
It is a card that can increase your winnings when added to the original hand. The As, the 2, the 3 or the 4 can be kickers.
7. What does Multi Hand mean?
It represents the fact of playing simultaneously on more than one hand. Some variants allow playing in three, five or ten hands.
8. What does Cash Out refer to?
It means that the player decides to withdraw money from the machine. It is sufficient to simply press the button labeled under the same name.
9. What happens if I reject a card?
These are cards voluntarily removed at the end of a game.
1. How can I play slot machine?
The objective of this game is to get three symbols or similar figures in the front of the machine.
Basics to understand and master the game of slots
  • Depending on the type of machine, the player must select a specific initial value of tokens or coins to play.
  • To start the slot machine the player must press the "spin" button (or toggle button, in the case of traditional machines).
  • The player can choose the value of the bet to make increasing or decreasing the values shown in the top and bottom of the screen.
  • The "Bet One" and "Bet Max" buttons allow, respectively, increasing bets by 1 or making a bet using all available coins.
  • The maximum amount can be 3 to 5 tokens.
  • Some slot machines have a “multiplier" function, allowing players to bet with several coins or tokens to achieve more significant gains. Indeed, each coin played, in case of victory, multiplies profits.
  • Slot machines have one or more pay lines, which are lines drawn across the reels to identify a figure.
  • Players can choose the number of paylines with which they want to play with a maximum of 9.
  • Players can benefit from free spins or mini games, depending on the bonuses earned during the game.
2. What are the prizes I can win at slots?
You can check the awards panel, which will help you, clarify what is the value of each element of the game and how you can get bonuses.
3. What are Bonuses?
The latest generation slot machines have a bonus system, which allow users to benefit from free spins or additional credits, depending on the case.
4. What is a Jackpot?
This is a category of jackpot or bonus that increases as players use the machine that offers the bonus. Sometimes progressive bonuses are associated to a casino slot machines network. Once issued, the progressive jackpot returns to zero.
5. What is a pay line / bet?
This is a line on which the player makes bets.
6. What are Multi-lines?
Slot machines have more than one payline combinations likely to form. Some multi-line slot machines have up to fifty paylines.
7. What is a Wildcard or a Joker?
In English, wild symbol. It is an acronym that can replace any symbol, which can form a winning combination.
8. What are reels for?
In each reel, several symbols that change at every spin are displayed. The slots can contain up to five reels.
9. What is a Scatter?
The "scatter" symbols show a winning, regardless of the order or timing of the payline. The gain generated by this symbol is Free Spins.
10. How do I get free spins?
Free Spins can be obtained when the player gets three Scatter-type symbols. The latter appear in the display and refer to a specific number of free spins.
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